Ajk-Obaly integrated services Ltd

Transport & Logistic Company

Ajk-Obaly integrated services Ltd. is one of Nigeria's homegrown registered Transport (passenger and Cargo) and Logistics companies delivering effective & quality freight solutions. We deliver using roads, waterways, railway lines and the sky to provide our services. With a strong presence nationally through our network of internationally trained staff, we offer world-class delivery services.

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Alternative Energy Experts

Manufacturing, Distribution & Installation

We are into manufacturing, distribution of renewable energy solutions . Solar panels and kits, wind turbines, inverters, wires and batteries.

Alternative Energy

As the way forward

Energy self-sufficiency and independence are not faraway dreams for the Public and businesses. By adapting to the energy sustainable practices with the help of solar batteries you store power for whenever you need it. Installing battery storage reduces your reliance on the electrical grid, and decreases the required money you have to put in your energy supplier’s pocket.


Drone Services

With our professional drone services, you can capture breathtaking aerial views

We are

Efficient and Versatile

We offer a wide range of related services and deliver efficiently in all our fields of endeavour

Petroleum products distribution
Aviation Fuel 95%
Security and Defence Contractors.
Gadgets and Personel 91%
Civil Engineering and Construction
Gadgets and Personel 87%
Food Processing
Import & Storage 84%

Our Objectives

Objective One

Our main objective is to provide solutions within the mass Transit sector of the Economy which will journey within our cities easily and time.

Objective Two

In the post Covid-19 world, we aim to champion sustainable transportation means through the supply of durable and energy-efficient mass transport vehicles at a stabilized rate for the general public.

Our Vehicles

Types of Vehicles on Offer

The current estimated population of Nigeria is put at over 230 million people and about 14 million vehicles on our roads of which 55 per cent of the population resides in the cities and urban settlements. it's even more essential for the government to put more Mass Transit vehicles on the city roads to reduce traffic, ensure the safety of commuters and guarantee affordable travel within our cities. Currently, the most common mode of public transport is run by smaller vehicles, tricycles and motorbikes which are not sustainable.

Toyota coaster

Toyota Coaster

civilian 20191

Nissan Civilian

Yutong ZK6105H 2

Yutong ZK6105H


SCANIA OminiCity


MAN A 20 Lion City Bus


Mercedes Benz O530 City Bus


Volvo city Bus B12BL Series

Articulated vehicles on special order


BYD K9UB-DW Electric Bus




Double Decker bus


Bending or Streched Bus

How we deliver


Whether it's a Brand new HGV/Bus/Coach that the purchase price alone starts from several hundred thousand American Dollars or Used but Highly maintained Buses/Coaches casting between tenths of thousand and a couple of hundred of thousand of American Dollars,we also deliver on quality and sustainability.


We carefully choose from brands that had been established for centuries to ensure the availability of parts for servicing. Since being beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, prices of Petroleum products and been off the roof in price globally, which is why we only select vehicles with good fuel consumption ratings (Euro level 4-6, Hybrid diesel or Petrol/ Electric, Compressed Natural Gas CNG)

Future Project

Smart Integrated Transport System


SITS it aimed to be rolled out in FCT Abuja first, then in the capitals of all the 36 states of the Nigerian Federation

coming soon

Rail & ferry services

Ajk-Obaly Integrated Services is on the march to emerge as a distinguished leader in Nigeria's transport (passenger and cargo) and logistics industry, deploying our unparalleled expertise in utilizing the most efficient and reliable modes of transportation. In areas of rail and ferry services, we are fast becoming the go-to provider for seamless and high-quality passenger and freight solutions. Leveraging our extensive network of nationally recognized rail lines and waterways, we offer a world-class delivery experience that is second to none.



The general public is hereby advised to contact Ajk-Obaly Integrated service Limited through all our communication channels on this website for all enquiries, confirmation and validation before any business with any person, group or institution. Failure to do so before engaging in any form transactions will be at that person’s ris