Yutong ZK6105H

Yutong ZK6105H 2

Yutong ZK6105H is a compact yet spacious model with a passenger capacity of 45 individuals. Its overall dimensions measure approximately 10,490 mm in length, 2,480 mm in width, and 3,580 mm in height. With a full mass of 14,230 kg, it strikes a balance between durability and maneuverability.

Under the hood, the engine model powering this vehicle is the C245 20/ISBE250 30/ISBE4+ 225/YC6A240-20. This engine is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance, catering to the transportation needs of both passengers and cargo.

In terms of seating arrangement, the vehicle offers 45 seats, indicating its primary purpose as a passenger transport vehicle. Additionally, it includes an extra seat for the driver and another seat for a co-driver or assistant, bringing the total seating capacity to 47.

With its compact design, ample seating capacity, and robust engine, this vehicle is well-suited for various applications such as public transportation, shuttle services, or even private group travel. Its versatility, combined with its dimensions and engine specifications, make it a reliable choice for transporting a considerable number of passengers efficiently and comfortably.

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